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Inspections starting at $325

According to the Standards of Practice of the New York Home Inspector Licensure Board the inspector will inspect and report on the following areas:

Structural Components Exterior


Central Air Conditioning Interiors
Insulation and Ventilation Built-In Kitchen Appliances

The report will describe these systems and components; state which have been inspected and which have not been inspected with the reason for not inspecting; state which inspected systems and components do not function as intended; state whether the condition reported requires repair or subsequent observation or warrants further investigation by a specialist.

The inspection is limited to visual observation of apparent conditions existing at the time of the inspection and is not technically exhaustive. The inspection does not include areas which are inaccessible including but not limited to: behind walls, wall hangings and pictures; behind and under furniture and equipment; under rugs; below soil level; and areas where debris or personal items obstruct access or visibility. The inspection is not intended to provide the Client with information regarding the advisability or inadvisability of purchase of property; the market value of the property or its marketability; the compliance or non-compliance with codes, ordinances and statutes; regulatory requirements or restrictions; the suitability of the property for specialized use; the life expectancy of any component or system in the property; the causes of the need of repair; methods, materials and costs of corrections; the presence or absence of pests such as wood damaging organisms, rodents or insects, cosmetic damage, underground items, or items not permanently installed. The inspection does not include calculations of the strength, adequacy, or efficiency of any system or component; determination of the effectiveness of any system installed to control or remove suspected hazardous substances; prediction of future conditions such as failure of components; projection of operating costs of components; evaluation of acoustical characteristics of any system or component; or evaluation of special equipment or accessories that are not listed as components to be inspected in the Standards of Practice of the New York Home Inspectors Licensure Board.  



Assessments starting at $125
NYS mold license # 01625

The purpose of a mold assessment is to discover mold growth, and/or conditions that are likely to facilitate mold growth. In accordance with the NY State Labor Law Chapter 551 Article 32, the assessment consists of a visual inspection of the property in order to prepare a specific mold remediation plan. This plan is produced for your mold removal contractor to use for the development of their work plan. Upon completion of the mold removal, the inspector will return to issue a clearance document stating that all visual signs of mold have been removed, that mold is unlikely to return, and that the work was done in compliance with the remediation plan.

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Testing starts at $160

Radon is a cancer-causing natural radioactive gas that you can’t see, smell or taste. Its presence in your home can pose serious health dangers. Your health and the health of your family are too important to take chances with anything other than a Certified Radon Report. The EPA, The Surgeon General, and The American Cancer Society all recommend that every home be tested for radon. Nearly 21,000 people per year die with radon related lung cancer. However, today most home buyers are still unaware of the danger. While elevated levels of radon can be a serious problem, there is a simple solution to finding peace of mind in your new home purchase



Starting at $125

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